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1:56 am <p>/ This is the final post for tonight. Goodbye. /<p>



1:45 am <p>/ I’m so hungry right now, I could die. Damn it. /<p>


1:37 am <p>/ I love Larry David. I’m absolutely in love with him. And by that, I mean I’m in love with his comedy. /<p>


1:36 am <p>/ Seinfeld is so good. Larry David is so great, I just can’t believe it. /<p>

1:32 am <p>/ I have just found out that there’s a writer named Carol Leifer that worked for Seinfeld. And she’s hot too. /<p>

1:29 am <p>/ I have just reshaped my Word Press post window. I have made it into a more square-like shape. This works much better for me. /<p>

1:26 am <p>/ I have just rehearsed a stand-up bit inspired by Larry David. Such a great guy. /<p>