1:21 am <p>/ Not a fucking thing has happened for the last 5 seconds. Goodbye NY city./<p>


1:17 am <p>/ I’m so bored right now, I don’t even care about anything any more. I have been typing for 5 seconds, and I have just watched a video about Larry David’s stand-up comedy. I’m pretty sure I need a drink to call this a night./<p>

Batman and Robin get into a fight. Batman says Robin is too gay to be his partner. Robin says, sadly, that’s not true.

Once upon a time, there is this little boy who has no family. He lived with several friends, wearing dress, and was killed by Jews. Now, he is a best seller author around the world.

Google is beautiful. You never get exactly what you are looking for, only what Google thinks some other jerks might be looking for before you.

My laptop is stupid. I think it’s plotting a plan to kill me and take control over our mouse.

Silence is impossible to achieve. You know, your breath makes sound too

I never like myself. I’m just so jealous of it.

You know people say Catholics hate Jews? And gay people? Well, Jesus wore dresses, lived with 13 men, and was a Jew. Nice idol, Catholics.

Batman told Robin, you are a jerk. And Robin reply. Yes, I’m a jerk, for you.


Yes, after all delay and misstep, finally, a blog of my own. So So excited, what should I say first. Well I’m sure I will think of something. Ok. Bed, here I come.

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